Monday, June 24, 2013

Bullying in the School Workplace

I wish NEA and AFT were a whole lot more aggressive with going after rogue principals and other administrators.

Currently, all too many "unions" are basically working for the school districts rather than the teachers they allegedly represent. That is what happened to me. My mistake was putting my faith in the wrong people.

After a year and a half of constant abuse, Werner took medical leave and reported her principal. She was covered by the district’s Bullying and Harassment policy, and while on leave, requested public records about complaints filed by other educators at her school.

“I soon discovered the horror other educators had experienced under his leadership,” Werner says. “I was shocked and sick inside. These were simply people who spoke up and addressed his intimidation tactics. They suffered greatly–both professionally and emotionally.”

Bullying leadership is often based upon fear, Werner says, and because bullying principals are scared they “disperse that fear throughout their schools.”

“They are afraid that some piece of bad news will ‘get out’ about their schools and so they manipulate people and data to meet their needs,” she says. “It’s happening throughout the nation.”

And if they aren't bullies, they are blithering incompetents who should never be in those jobs to begin with.

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