Saturday, June 22, 2013

Culture of Apprehension

I wouldn't exactly call it "fear"--at least not yet--because morale is somewhat better at WCSD under Superintendent Pedro Martinez than it was under "superintendent of the year" Heath Morrison--but it is early yet in the regime. I wouldn't sit back and relax if a I were a principal there. Teachers, of course, live in fear because they are on the bottom of the pole and on the front lines.

The Reno Gazette-Journal presented more of those "findings" by the principals' "association," an association or union that shouldn't be allowed because principals are supervisory/management personnel.


How would you rate overall morale?
On a personal level?
Poor 26 percent
OK 25 percent
Good 33.9 percent
Great 15 percent

On a building level?
Poor 20.5 percent
OK 30.7 percent
Good 37.8 percent
Great 11 percent

On a zone level?
Poor 36.8 percent
OK 39.2 percent
Good 22.4 percent
Great 1.6 percent

On a district level?
Poor 54 percent
OK 34.1 percent
Good 10.3 percent
Great 1.6 percent
Washoe School Principal Association survey of 127 principals, assistant principals, coordinators

Too bad teachers weren't asked. I bet those morale figures would be far more negative.

The "association's" president was upset because principals are being forced to account for themselves:

He said lack of due process and poor communication have some leading the district’s 93 schools scared and intimidated.

Principals of Double Diamond and Lemmon Valley elementary schools were put on administrative leave without explanation from the district. Both schools have new principals for the 2013-14 school year.

“I have principals call me and want me to sit in on their meetings,” Fullenwider said, citing a large transition under Martinez, including more than 20 schools with new principals.

Martinez said when he took over the district in August, one of the things he heard when he talked to staff was that there was a culture of fear.

He said things have improved.

More of them need to be FIRED, not just given the opportunity to resign or leave on their own accord, like one school principal did just recently to take a principal job in another state, despite questions that need to be raised over the circumstances of his departure from a school district he worked as an administrator prior to being hired at WCSD.

There needs to be some serious attempts at getting rid of incompetent or bad principals; unfortunately, many of them are still there. When they screw up, they still get moved from job to job.

"Lack of due process"? Please. They are protected to the hilt while teachers' careers are sacrificed.

The president is just mad Martinez isn't a good ol' boy dipshit like Paul Dugan was and let principals get away with murder. Martinez may be a dipshit, but he isn't a "good ol' boy" one.

What Martinez is actually doing is called "churn," and it is advocated by privatizers in order to create more instability in schools and create more pressures on teachers and even administrators for fear of being fired.

This is just the beginning there, and it will get substantially worse.

If some lazy, lousy, and rotten principals finally get fired, then there will be some good coming out of it.

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