Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Do Not Rehire" is the Scarlet Letter

in public education, and I truly hope those Denver Public Schools teachers affected by the non-renewals sue the district's ass off.

After all, "do not rehire" doesn't just apply to that particular district; it also makes it impossible for teachers to work at any other district anywhere else in the United States since HR departments weed these teachers out before they can ever make the cut for an interview.

The same is true for those infamous questions on the applications that want teachers to disclose anything "they" did in another district when nine times out of ten it is the lousy school district that is at fault.

He also said the district has already revised the “do not rehire” policy once at the request of the teacher’s union. Before the revision, teachers who landed on the blacklist were banned from DPS for life. Now they can be rehired after three years if they show improvement in another district.

However, the protesting teachers say that’s not good enough, mainly because teachers have difficulty being hired in any district after being placed on the DPS “do not rehire list.”

With that in mind, the teachers’ petition asked that, as a part of a new teacher evaluation system set to be implemented this coming school year, the “do not rehire” designation only be applied in extreme situations, or when criminal activity is involved.

Exactly. Only actions that would require a teacher to lose his or her license should a "do not rehire" apply. Other school districts wouldn't even have to do the check because it would show up on a licensure database anyway.

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