Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ed Etc.

If Charlotte Danielson is really serious about the misuse of her rubric, she needs to come forward and condemn the reformers for misusing it. She needs to sue if need be.

The Danielson rubric that was used at my old school district was always a fair rubric, and it made you reflect on your own teaching practice. Then you would talk about your evaluation of yourself with your principal. It was nice.

I don't know if it is the same one as is used now. Who the hell knows with the current reform garbage?

Yeah, there are "challenges" alright for my old school district. The editorial from the Reno Gazette-Journal from a few days ago notes the obvious:

Martinez showed a willingness to shake things up earlier this year when he moved principals around in an attempt to put the best principals where they’re needed the most. It was primarily a principal shuffle, however, not a housecleaning. Principals at troubled schools were transferred to other schools, as so often happens in large organizations. Martinez has yet to show that he’ll remove principals who aren’t meeting standards when necessary. The next set of rankings may change that.

"Removed" in public education lingo doesn't mean fired or forced to resign, which it should. Teachers are lied about, ruined so they can never teach again, while the dolts who committed the wrongdoing are allowed to keep their careers in one capacity or another. They are just moved around, moved around, and moved around some more. The good old boy network that was in place from the time of Paul Dugan and before is still in place to a large extent. BTW, the "best" principals are NOT being moved to those schools; Martinez never bothered to look at the personnel files to see if all of the principals were without a history of disciplinary action. At least one should have been fired outright five years ago but her rear end was covered by Paul Dugan and company despite her flagrant, FLAGRANT negligence and incompetence, but she's being moved to another school from the central office despite the fact she is completely incompetent to lead. This new "job" is the fourth position she has had in five years. She should have been in the unemployment line instead.

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