Sunday, June 30, 2013


There is no such thing as a "public charter school." Period. Lots and lots of private businesses get public money, but that doesn't make them public institutions. There is a lot more involved than just stealing taxpayer dollars.

Charter schools are private schools that are designed to steal taxpayer money in order to operate. They are NOT "public schools."

Your principal CANNOT be your "ally" or friend. He or she can NEVER be trusted because his or her primary job is self-preservation.

If you stand in his or her way, it will be YOU who will be destroyed.

If you want to be a principal, be wary of going to Dallas:

Speakers who supported Miles’ plan praised the administration’s new accountability measures for principals.

“Favoritism, cronyism and friendships will no longer be the criteria for selecting new principals,” said Bea Martinez, a former president of the North Texas LULAC chapter. “It’s not about adults, it’s about children.”

Miles has argued that in order for struggling schools to improve, they need new administrators. Some new principals come from the superintendent’s principal academy, which started in August and trained people how to run a school the way Miles wants.

Before Miles arrived in the Dallas Independent School District a year ago, few principals were placed on “growth plans” or had their contracts not renewed. Throughout this year, 68 principals were put on growth plans that identified weaknesses, proposed remedies and set a deadline for improvement.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if more principals around the country are fired outright, even in my old district.

I wonder if this school principal is related to departed WCSD principal/Michigan embezzler Andrew Stansberry: - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |


A shitcanned principal received a statewide principal of the year award:

Rock was served paperwork on May 29 informing her that her contract was not going to be renewed for the 2013-14 school year at the Central Consolidated School District alternative high school. The paperwork included a letter placing her on administrative leave and a resignation letter she was asked to sign by district officials. She declined.

The Daily Times reported in May that Rock voiced disagreement with a plan to close Career Prep due to lack of district funds, and that led to her contract not being renewed.

CCSD spokesman James Preminger said in an email the school district would like to congratulate Rock on being selected as secondary school principal of the year.

"The CCSD administration wholeheartedly supported her application, an essential part of the process, and we are very pleased she made it," Preminger said.

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