Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Obituary: Famed British horse trainer Henry Cecil, 70, has died following a long battle against stomach cancer:

In 1985, Cecil's Oh So Sharp became the first filly since 1955 to win English racing's three classics - the 1,000 Guineas, Oaks and St. Leger.

American jockey Steve Cauthen rode Oh So Sharp to England's Triple Crown in 1985 at the start of their successful six-year partnership with Cecil.

"He was a super intelligent guy and really knew how to place his horses," Cauthen said. "He tried to have fun. The atmosphere during most of the time I was up at Warren Place was just fantastic.

"It was all due to him. It was a team effort but everyone looked to him. He was the one making decisions about where to run the horses."

Soap opera actress Maxine Stuart, 94, has died of natural causes.

Twilight Zone fans like yours truly will always remember her role as one of the two "Janet Tylers" in the legendary 1960 episode "Eye of the Beholder." She played Janet under bandages, while Donna Douglas played the part revealed.

Many people thought this Rod Serling story was strictly about beauty or nonconformity, and one level it was. However, it is more likely this was about racism and segregation. All kinds of phrases familiar to yours truly used by racists were in the episode. Serling could never have written about this issue during the height of the civil rights era if he had told it "straight."

Here she talks about her role under bandages:


In 1993, she joined the CBS daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" for a story line about an older couple. William J. Bell, the show's co-creator, cast Stuart after seeing her play an intern on "Murphy Brown."

"She epitomized what I wanted – someone who brought a feistiness, a vitality and energy with her, who's gregarious and fun-loving," Bell told The Times in 1993.

Stuart, then in her 70s, agreed that she still had plenty of energy. "When you're 20, you think, 'Oh, my God, if I ever get to be 30, I'll be so old.' But when you get to be this age, if you don't look in the mirror — or see yourself on TV — you don't know."

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