Thursday, June 20, 2013


Arne Duncan needs to be impeached, not be allowed to basically be a dictator over public education in this country.

One of Michael Vick's canine victims had to be put to sleep because of illness and age-related complications. He was estimated to be 13 years old, which is actually longer than average for pit bulls, fighting or not.

There should be a whole lot more concern over the war being waged against public education in this country than some handwringing by the elites over the closing of more and more Catholic schools.

There is no reason for them to exist anymore; Catholics have long since been assimilated into the larger society.

They are also unable to compete with the scam charter school movement.

The status conference in the Jodi Arias case has been delayed until July 18, which in turn will most likely be delayed until the first of next year thanks to scheduling conflicts with the attorneys involved in the case.


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