Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I guess this means our dysfunctional USSC has put the ball in Congress's court, so to speak regarding the Voting Rights Act.

They did, however, uphold affirmative action, at least in principle.

Surprise--NOT--they're junk.


Charter schools in Nevada had the lowest test scores among the 5,000 charter schools surveyed nationally.

Nevada charter school students are losing a whopping 115 days of learning in reading and 137 days of learning in math each school year, according to the CREDO report. The average school year has 180 days.

This means that Nevada's charter school students are falling behind six to seven months each year, according to the report. “States like Nevada show that charter schools are not a guaranteed solution to educational challenges,” the report stated.

By the way, they are NOT public schools.

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