Thursday, June 27, 2013


Live stream of the George Zimmerman trial is here, among many places.

A person named "croakerqueen123" over at YouTube has uploaded all of the videos so far of the trial, just as she, like a number of others, uploaded the entire Jodi Arias trial for those who missed the live feed.

The WSWS doesn't think much of the USSC's decision regarding the Voting Rights Act:

The Supreme Court decision targets the democratic rights not only of African Americans, but the entire working class. It removes a legal barrier to restrictions on the right to vote and encourages new efforts to curtail the franchise.

With consummate cynicism, Chief Justice John Roberts attempted to present his assault on the Voting Rights Act as a step, reluctantly taken, to pressure Congress to update the measure and bring it into conformity with present conditions. This pose of legalistic objectivity is belied by his role in the 1980s as President Reagan’s point man in attempting to weaken the act.

By effectively discarding the law’s enforcement mechanism, which requires Alaska and eight southern states, plus parts of seven other states, to pre-clear any changes in voting procedures with the federal government, Roberts gave these jurisdictions a green light to enact any changes they desire.

The Roberts court makes up shit, period.

I agree the whole "gay marriage" issue is merely a diversion on both sides to keep attention away from the neoliberal assault on the masses in order to further enrich the elites:

The embrace of gay marriage by the Obama administration, large sections of the Democratic Party and even a growing number of Republicans and conservative business groups underscores the degree to which identity and lifestyle politics in its various forms—race, gender, sexual orientation—has become a vital element of bourgeois politics.

This serves as a mechanism for diverting attention from the assault on democratic rights, the expansion of war, the growth of poverty and the widening chasm between rich and poor.

Pro-Democratic Party organizations have promoted issues of identity and lifestyle as a means of obscuring these basic class issues, as a means of diverting attention from the reactionary policies of the Obama administration. The Democratic Party uses general support for equality to obscure its fundamental agreement with the Republicans on attacking the working class all down the line.

It is quite telling that bourgeois politicians and media are devoting so much attention to the Supreme Court’s gay rights rulings, while the court’s outrageous and wholesale attack on basic democratic rights, embodied in its decision striking down the Voting Rights Act earlier this week, garners dwindling attention.

I never understood all of the blather about the "right" to marry by gays anyway. Who gives a shit about a relatively inconsequential "right" when everything else is being destroyed?

High heels should have died out for good after the early 1960s. The fact they have made a comeback proves many women really are stupid and will do anything to get the attention of men, and face it, that's why many women wear these torture devices.

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