Friday, June 28, 2013


If you want to watch the live stream of the George Zimmerman trial, it is here among many places.

I am very, very, very slowly trying to catch up on this trial. I am still two days' behind.


I don't know if it is for naught, but many faculty and students at the University of Minnesota are up in arms over TFA.

This is from three years ago, but it still holds true now and all over the country: A principal who simply doesn't like you can kill your career with any kind of "unsatisfactory" rating or put you on a "plan of assistance." I had one mentally unstable principal who wrote me up on a bunch of bullshit while having had a history of cheating on his wife and banging subordinates, and the last one didn't do anything about it but kicked me to the curb to cover her ass.

To this day, I have no work at all in any field in any kind of stable employment.

I am currently applying for a training program for people over 55, which at least would start getting me a regular income. I can't rely on substitute teaching to fill the bill.


He's King Midas in reverse: Everything he touches turns to shit.

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