Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goodbye and Good Riddance

when Obama finally leaves for that fat payday the day he finally leaves the White House on January 20, 2017. I know I won't miss him one bit.

He's been a disaster in so many ways, I have lost count:

Lately I’ve been referring to the president as “Under the Bus Obama.” The list of those Obama has thrown under the runaway buses of neoliberal capitalism, military empire, and white supremacy is daunting. His resume of betrayal includes his maternal grandmother, his preacher, the labor movement (betrayed and abandoned on global trade, labor law reform, the Wisconsin rebellion, the wage- and job-slashing terms of the much-ballyhooed auto bailout and more); environmentalists (abandoned and betrayed on offshore drilling, hydraulic fracturing, global trade, global carbon emission reduction-efforts, nuclear power, clean coal and more), senior citizens (betrayed by the president’s ongoing effort to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits), immigrants (betrayed by a president who has actually increased the number of deportations) civil libertarians (abandoned and betrayed on Guantanamo, rendition, warrantless wiretaps, secret kills lists, whistleblower protection, domestic drones, the infiltration of protest organizations, and more), the mainstream press (recently betrayed by the president’s arch-authoritarian seizure of Associate Press phone records), nuclear disarmament advocates (recently betrayed by Obama’s $547 million request for the B61 nuclear gravity bomb in Europe), and the antiwar community (betrayed by Obama’s sick global drone war, the undeclared war on Libya, the escalating U.S. invasion of Africa, U.S. saber-rattling in relation to Iran, Syria, and East Asia and much more). Last but not least and of special interest to this panel, we have Black America, betrayed by a first technically black president who has said and done less about racial inequality than any American chief executive in recent memory.

Don't forget his education policies, which may be the very worst of all of his bad policies.

It took a real genius to peddle a black "Democrat" who would undo every single gain that party has made in the past century and trash the Democratic Party brand in doing so.

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freespirit said...

Good, comprehensive list of the "progress" made by the Progressives' handpicked post-racial (please!) president. Nancy, Howie, Kerry, Reid, and the other Progs can be proud of their (cheating) handiwork - that forced Obama into the WH. Hope Teddy's watching and kicking himself, from his eternal resting place.