Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's All About Not Being Closely Supervised

Principals all around the country are getting away with murder because they aren't held accountable for anything.

This is NYC here, with an interesting statistic:

In the past three years, just two of 14 principals formally accused of misconduct have been fired — and not a single boss in the city’s 1,600 schools was charged with incompetence, officials told The Post.

The disciplinary deficiency raises questions when 217 elementary and middle schools received grades of F, D or consecutive C’s on the city’s latest report cards, and 31 high schools rated D or F.

“The numbers don’t add up to the Bloomberg administration’s goal to hold everybody accountable,” a veteran teacher said.

Once you're that far up the ladder in education, you become part of the "inner circle." It's damned difficult at that point to lose a job, or rather a school district career.

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