Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's Always at the End of the Contract Year,

never at the beginning, that determines whether a teacher gets "tenure," which doesn't mean one goddamned thing anyway. The district could give her the boot regardless.

No matter what the state statutes say, as long as there are administrators who are held to no standards of accountability, teachers are nothing but "at-will" employees who only have the "right" to a farce of a hearing where perjury, destruction of documents, tampering with witnesses, bribery of witnesses, and false documents are commonplace.

The chances of this woman ever getting her job back are zilch, and it doesn't appear she expects that will happen. She may be able to get a settlement large enough to pay off that student loan or make a dent in it.

Naturally since she was denied a continuing contract, she hasn't been able to get a teaching contract anywhere. She's lucky at her age she even has any kind of job, unlike me who has been relegated to substituting and can't make anywhere near enough to support myself.

“It was someone from human resources with a letter of termination,” Weiss says.

Weiss claims to have been going through a grievance process with the principal to establish a “more professional relationship with my superior,” but says she never expected the termination letter. The letter, signed by former SFPS Superintendent Bobbie Gutierrez, said Weiss had 10 working days to request reasons for her termination. “The reasons do not provide a basis to contest your termination under the New Mexico School Personnel Act,” it added.

“I love teaching,” Weiss says. “And with this termination came the absolute end of my career. So I went from 50 going back to college and getting an education degree—which is useless—to teaching three years and being terminated. And now I’m 60.”

Weiss made the mistake of pissing off an administrator, who has the total power to kill her career, and she is paying the price.

The moral of the story is this: NEVER go into this field to begin with, and it is SUICIDAL to do it if you are over 50 because of rampant age discrimination.

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