Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Thanks to a parent planning to file a lawsuit against Washoe County School District after having been arrested just outside the district offices, the district has decided to "change policies" regarding trespass:

The Washoe County School District will change its policies involving trespass warnings.

It comes two weeks after school district police upheld a trespass warning and arrested a parent who tried to testify at the school board meeting on June. 11.

The board has asked that the school district develop clear policies for individuals given trespass warnings to appeal and for the district to have deadlines by when it must respond to requests from people given warnings.

This is another instance of CYA.

Speaking of WCSD, it appears this reporter can't keep up with all of the shuffling going on with these lambs to the slaughter.

At least three principals who had been at WCSD have moved to other schools or school districts, and that's not counting the three who were put on administrative leave and either resigned or were fired this past year.

I am hoping the shitbag who fired me will be forced out herself because she will not be able to get those test scores up.

This new job she has is the fourth position she has held in five years.

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