Friday, June 28, 2013

More WCSD Gossip

Now people may wonder why I am still posting about that goddamned terrible Washoe County School District. Well, school districts in Oregon are pretty damned dull and professional for the most part, and frankly, I like to see how the old district is doing under Martinez. The district always was in the shitter, but now it seems to be getting into more trouble by the day.

It's like a train wreck: You want to look away and move on, but you can't.

There continues to be more problems stemming from the situation with the parent who was ultimately arrested at the school district headquarters in Reno:

Dailey has filed complaints with the Nevada Department of Education said he wanted to present findings by the state where the district has violated federal and state mandates regarding children with special needs.

Dailey said he has tried to contact the district several times to get permission to appear at the June 11 school board meeting where Superintendent Pedro Martinez was being given a review. He said his requests were not answered.

Police officers told Dailey he could appear at a different school board meeting.

At a school board meeting on Tuesday night trustees said they were not aware of what was happening outside of the meeting where Dailey was arrested.

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