Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More WCSD Stuff

Apparently the WCSD Board of Trustees meeting last night that gave Superintendent Pedro Martinez high marks didn't go without a hitch. A parent who also is a UNR professor was arrested for trespass. He wanted to voice his complaint about how the school district handles special education students' cases:

In February, Dailey was given a trespass warning by the school district after trying to meet with district officials about the handling of information about his daughter, who has autism.

He says the district, including Superintendent Pedro Martinez, has harassed and intimidated him and has refused to discuss patterns of issues he has had with the district and the handling of issues involving his daughter.

“Nothing is more important than the student, and I will do whatever is necessary to help that student,” Martinez said about the situation. He said he disagrees with points made by Dailey.

In recent findings by the State Department of Education, the state found the district was not complying with federal regulations and has 30 days to come up with new plans on how employees access personal information and track who looks at records.

It's supposed to be about the kids, but he should know better. It's all about the administrators and their "right" to feed at the taxpayer trough.

I learned that the hard way.


Updated: Another video, this time with an interview with the parent in question:


In other gossip, the principal who "won" his criminal complaint against a parent who threatened him did resign from the school district after being put on administrative leave.

No word yet on the Lemmon Valley ex-principal.

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