Sunday, June 30, 2013

NCTQ is Getting a Lot of Unwarranted Publicity

Of course its latest report on college and university teacher education programs is designed to undercut the very professionalism of teaching. Nevada is one of virtually all states that NCTQ trashes in its propaganda survey.

NCTQ doesn't believe in standards for teachers at all. Teaching should be relegated to what daycare has been for preschool staff. It isn't seen as a profession.

“I put absolutely no credence whatsoever in the report because the methodology is so lacking in empirical evidence,” Abba said.

“They relied on syllabi, and I loved the quote someone made that it is like judging the quality of food by just reading the menu,” she said.

The nonprofit National Opportunity to Learn Campaign criticized the report, saying the National Council on Teacher Quality has a “documented bias against university-based teacher preparation programs” because the organization was established “to promote alternative certification programs.”

NCTQ is full of shit, as always.

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