Monday, June 10, 2013

Rise of the Next Manchurian Candidate

Getting Cory Booker, a fraud masquerading as a Democrat and a hundred times worse than that fake in the White House, out of American politics is an urgent action. It needs to be done as soon as possible before the media starts pushing him for the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 2016.

What is key is to rake him over the coals as having started his political career is a flak for the right-wing Bradley Foundation. That alone should have killed any political ambitions on his part, but there are other things that should sink his career, too:

Rival candidates could also seize on Booker’s strained relationship with state teachers unions, as well as his support for charter schools, which are championed by the same hedge fund and Wall Street communities that have financed Booker for years.

“That’s what makes us least comfortable,” said Steve Phillips, a progressive fundraiser whose political action committee has vowed to raise $1 to $2 million for Booker. “I understand the complexities of trying to do something for lower-income kids in a political bureaucracy, but if I could wave my magic wand, I wouldn’t want him as close to the hedge fund folks as he is.”

If you know this guy's background, you'd know he is a puppet for those interests even more than Obama.

So help me God, if either Cory or Andrew Cuomo becomes the Democratic Party's nominee for president in 2016, I will officially change my voter registration to independent or a third party.

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