Friday, June 21, 2013

Staff Morale is in the Toilet

at WCSD, and no wonder. Of course teacher morale nationwide is in the toilet, so WCSD is not exempt.

The good ol' boy club that existed when I worked there is slowly being eliminated, and new, meaner regimes are replacing it. No doubt some of these school leaders yearn for those days to return when they can sit on their asses all day in their offices, only to come out and bullshit during staff meetings about all of the "great" things they are doing for the schools while letting their useful idiots run amuck and do their dirty work. Some may yearn for the days when they could just shit all over teachers they didn't like and decide to railroad them out of "their" schools or set them up for failure.

WCSD needs change badly, but what would warm my heart is the day the person who railroaded me out, breaking the law in the process, finally gets hers.

My comment after the article about the survey:

Apart from the outrageous fact these principals are protected by an association when they are clearly supervisory or management, the REAL question that should be asked is if the principals are COMPETENT and not power-crazed idiots. The survey needs to be asked of TEACHERS, and anonymously since principals are known to retaliate for the most trivial of reasons, because teachers are the ones who know exactly what these principals are like. WCSD has long had a problem with incompetent, corrupt, vindictive administrators who have been nearly impossible to fire from the district. I really hope Martinez looks at personnel files to see if the people he puts into principal jobs have had NO disciplinary action of ANY KIND EVER. Unfortunately, he has put in at least one from the central office for this coming year, so I doubt he has looked at the files. I may be engaging in wishful thinking, but I sincerely hope those days of yore are over, when good ol' boy superintendents like Paul Dugan and those previous merely slapped wayward principals and other administrators on the wrist and looked the other way while railroading teachers out of careers and over nothing.

The survey:

Twenty six percent of the top school staff surveyed gave low marks when asked about personal morale. District wide, more than half said morale on a district level was poor.

Only 37 of 127 school leaders said morale was great on a personal, building, zone and district level.

More juicy details are supposed to follow tomorrow in that paper.

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