Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Temp for America Didn't Win This Time

The two million bucks Nevada's governor Brian Sandoval had earmarked for Teach for America will instead be used for the Millenium Scholarship fund.

There are already some TFAs in the Clark County School District, but that money would have increased the privatizer outfit's presence more.

Gardner added the governor agreed with Assembly lawmakers early Tuesday to dedicate the $2 million for the Millennium Scholarship fund instead of Teach for America, a nationwide program that trains and sends recent college graduates to teach in low-income schools.

Two other education bills passed the Legislature on Tuesday.

One would aim to reduce class sizes in K-12 schools and the other would set up a new oversight scheme for the state's charter schools. They both passed.

Too bad Oregon doesn't take note and put through a class-size reduction program.

There are primary classes locally that have 25 to 30 students, FAR more than they should have.

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