Monday, June 10, 2013

The Answer?

It sure as hell isn't the American voter despite trappings of this being a democracy. It's a government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. Even more to the point, it is a government of, by, and for gangsters since there are a few of the rich who do see a problem.

Obama's background gives one a clue why he out-Nixon's Nixon:

Obama’s personal background appears to have made him the ideal vehicle for this process. It is well known that after his graduation from college he worked for a year for Business International, whose founder acknowledged providing cover for CIA agents in several countries.

Obama’s personal biography, however, should not detract from the more basic social processes at work in the emergence of dictatorial forms of rule in the United States. No one can seriously deny today that the “war on terror” is and always was a war on the American people—a cover for imperialist war internationally and an unrelenting assault on democratic rights within the US.

The massive scale of the spying—targeting every man, woman and child in the country—raises the question: What are they afraid of?

The ruling class is haunted by the sense that it is socially and politically isolated, that the policies it is pursuing lack any serious base of support. Even as it escalates its assault on the conditions of the vast majority of the people—driven by the crisis of the capitalist system—the corporate-financial elite feels itself threatened by the consequences of the crisis. It knows that the financial house of cards it has constructed can come crashing down at almost any point, provoking revolutionary social upheavals.

But the ruling class has ultimately only one answer to this dilemma—violent repression. Hence the inexorable buildup of the police powers of the state. They are directed not against terrorists, but against the working class.

We are living in dangerous times.

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Bob said...

I had long come to the conclusion, Susie, that the "War on Terror" was, and is, a fraud.