Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Blame Rests Squarely on Washington,

not with "unskilled" workers or, according to the new mantra peddled by Wall Street crooks and globalist cultists, technology has decimated the American workforce and nothing can be done about it. The politicians, including Obama, are so enamored with the discredited and debunked neoliberal ideology and have been so bought off by the crooks who benefit from it, they are willing to destroy the American economy to do it.

This economy is being deliberately killed by Washington politics. Period.


Economic determinists — fatalists, really — assume that globalization and technological change must now condemn a large portion of the American workforce to under-unemployment and stagnant wages, while rewarding those with the best eductions and connections with ever higher wages and wealth. And therefore that the only way to get good jobs back and avoid widening inequality is to withdraw from the global economy and become neo-Luddites, destroying the new labor-saving technologies.

That’s dead wrong. Economic isolationism and neo-Ludditism would reduce everyone’s living standards. Most importantly, there are many ways to create good jobs and reduce inequality.

Other nations are doing it. Germany was generating higher real median wages until recently, before it was dragged down by austerity it imposed the European Union. Singapore and South Korea continue to do so. Chinese workers have been on a rapidly-rising tide of higher real wages for several decades. These nations are implementing national economic strategies to build good jobs and widespread prosperity. The United States is not.

Any why not? Both because we don’t have the political will to implement them, and we’re trapped in an ideological straightjacket that refuses to acknowledge the importance of such a strategy. The irony is we already have a national economic strategy but it’s been dictated largely by powerful global corporations and Wall Street. And, not surprisingly, rather than increase the jobs and wages of most Americans, that strategy has been increasing the global profits and stock prices of these giant corporations and Wall Street banks.

Robert Reich will have no seat at the "Democratic" administration table, let me tell you.

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