Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Handwriting is on the Wall

It appears that among the countless new make-work jobs at Washoe County School District open for bid is something called an "employee management relations coordinator" which is supposed to assist the apparently newly-titled Director of Labor Relations to go after more employees, especially teachers, and railroad them out when the test scores aren't good enough. Then the district can call these teachers "incompetent" or accuse them of "inefficiency," to quote the language of NRS 391 and destroy their careers forever. (This link will last only until July 5.)

Translation: It's when the teachers are making "too much money."

It is even possible Martinez and company are expecting a whole rash of principal firings or forced resignations, and he wants to be prepared by hiring additional staff.

Here are the "duties" of this hatchet person, who will presumably be working under the corrupt former WEA official who knifed me in the back five years ago to take a job working directly under the person who spearheaded the destruction of my career:

The list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.

Counsel staff on matters of management and employee rights, progressive discipline and appropriate courses of action, in accordance with contract provisions and good employer/employee relations practices. Mediate informal disputes between management and employees and provide counsel to management on appropriate course of action, in an attempt to resolve differences at the lowest possible level.

Consult with the Legal Office in the implementation of contract management and legal matters, as they pertain to staff.

Develops and maintains a collaborative relationship with bargaining unit and other group representatives.

Compiles and analyzes proposals, makes recommendations to Director of Labor Relations, the Chief Human Resource Officer and the District;

Develops bargain strategies and prepares proposals; analyzes impact of proposals and develops alternative proposals; analyzes impact of proposals and develops established parameters and prepares agreements for Board approval.

Provides for on-going labor contract administration; explains and interprets agreements; Ensures compliance terms and conditions of agreements

Provides leadership on labor committees formed to address labor relations and related employee issues;

Works with various parties to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts arising from applications of agreements; advises supervisors on preparing and responding to informal complaint meetings and on processing and responding to grievances; oversees grievance process and ensures coordination and facilitation of all grievance work.

Conducts or assists supervisors in conducting investigations into employee misconduct; determines facts and appropriate corrective action, ensuring that the action taken is consistent, appropriate, and defensible; drafts discipline and discharge letters.
Negotiates employee separation and settlement agreements; facilitates the negotiation and execution of settlement agreement with the various employee organizations and private attorneys.

Advises supervisors and administrators in Employee/Relations areas of human resources management, including wage and hour laws, disability law, District policy and procedures, contract interpretation, organization development, labor and employee law, sexual harassment and other laws that re applicable; prepares District response to equal employment opportunity or other employ-related complaints and assist with the defense of employment litigation matters.

Counsels employees and supervisors on a wide range of issues affecting employee performance; assists supervisors with the resolution of employees performance concerns; coordinates the distribution and collection of performance evaluations forms

Advises supervisors on the drafting of employee performance improvement plans; provides guidance during employee probationary periods, and assists with the development of new evaluation forms and instructions.

Investigates misconduct, complaints, violations of human resource-related laws and regulations; conducts employee interviews and meetings to gather or provide information; provides written reports of transactions and makes recommendations based on analysis of the information past practices and applicable laws, regulations, contract language and District procedures.

Provides Human Resources Department and district representation regarding human resources related issues on various committees and before special interest groups, citizens groups, and other public meetings.

Prepares and maintains appropriate reports and records of activities.

Presides at grievance meetings, investigative due process meetings, and suspension/dismissal appeal meetings, as assigned.

Assist in the enforcement of settlement agreement provisions, as they relate to employee discipline, employee pay issues, and other personnel matters.

Facilitate the implementation of employee discipline related to licensure matters.

Provide administrative support with seniority issues, overages, reduction in force and transfers and reassignments. Responsible for overage placement of ESPS and hourly employees.

Reviews investigations of employee applications and, in consultation with the legal office, determines the appropriate disciplinary action, if any.

Assist with District representation at review appeals and facilitate the preparation and organization of all supporting documentation for presentation at appeal meetings.

Represent the District in administrative hearings (grievances, suspension, licensure, dismissals, etc.).

Assist the Director of Labor Relations in all non-dismissal arbitrations.

Assist in the training of employee groups in supervisory, performance evaluation, disciplinary procedures, HR laws, procedures, processes and other areas, as assigned.

Coordinates with assigned staff to assist with the administration of performance evaluation systems for employee groups; works as a team and/or leads research projects to respond to inquiries; counsels employees and supervisors on processes, time lines, and preparation of evaluation forms; tracks receipt of performance improvement report forms, reviews forms for completeness and ensures that supervisors are informed.

Receives and processes production of document requests and subpoenas received regarding employee matters.

Perform other duties related to the position, as assigned.

It's a hatchet person.

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