Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Real Story

This editorial focuses on the unemployment mess in Nevada, but this problem is national and is a result of deliberate neoliberal policies designed to lower living standards in the United States to third world levels.

This is one of the reasons I have grown to literally HATE both political parties. Few people "elected" care one damned bit about the people who voted for them.

Of course the figures of the true jobless numbers are being hidden--we have a depression out here, and it is not getting better.

Politicians in both political parties will never do one thing about it because they are beholden to an ideology and to the financial elites also beholden to an ideology which says that to "compete in the global marketplace," the standard of living in the United States must be the same as in third world countries. They WANT a massive number of desperate, jobless people in order to drive wages and salaries down to Chinese levels while gutting every single program that benefits working people, the poor, retirees, and children, and refusing to institute job creation programs that would stimulate demand and create more jobs. These politicians, especially in Washington, are slaves to a neoliberal ideology that has been discredited and debunked everywhere in the world where it has been attempted. This country will not survive with a handful of rich and everybody else poor--that's how violent revolutions get started.

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