Sunday, June 23, 2013

Time for a Class-Action Lawsuit in Tennessee

Kevin Huffman is an asshole just like his ex-wife and her current husband, and he wants to lump teachers who merely don't get along with their principals, who can simply call these teachers "non-performing" or rig these teachers' classes with low-performing students so their test scores are low, with the perverts and the DUIs and have their licenses taken away.

Once your license is taken away, you can NEVER teach anywhere in the United States ever again. This is nothing but a witch hunt, and this witch hunt is based on something as unreliable as student test scores.

What happens, asshole, after nobody wants to teach anymore and you can't get anybody to work in Tennessee? Oh, I get it, we will turn all of these schools into online "academies" where "teachers" are living in China or India making pennies a day. Or, we will have charter schools where "teachers" can be hired right off the street have no education past high school, if that.

Are teachers in Tennessee that goddamned passive that they are going to take this assault on their profession? Or are they going to take to the streets?

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