Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trash on the Feet.

Those things ought to be banned from the workplace.

Women who wear those things often say they wear them because they are doing it for themselves or that they give them "power," but they will never admit the reason they wear them is to get male attention. High heels are considered a symbol of bondage, of sadomasochism. They also help make women more sexually available by restricting movement and by altering posture.

Women aren't kidding themselves when they wear this shit; they remind me of the old Chinese footbinding that restricted movement.

Here is yet another piece about shit called "shoes":

Wearing high heels can also cause inflammation of the connective tissue at the bottom of the foot, the plantar fascia. That can result in severe heel pain and the need for aggressive treatments such as oral anti-inflammatories, oral steroids, cortisone injections, walking boots and crutches.

All of these conditions can be incredibly painful, requiring corticosteroid shots and, ideally, flatter and wider shoes. His patients will take the shots, but give up the shoes?

Women, Liebow says, “will wear their high-heeled shoes until their feet are bloody stumps.”

Many women will do all kinds of stupid things to try and attract male attention.

You'd think after all these years and advances in women's rights, this shit would go out of style once and for all.

It did for years after the early 1960s. Stilettos were popular in the fifties, but then women got smart and went for comfort.

For some damned reason these garbage shoes came back into style. I have to admit I don't see the majority of women wearing them to any extent, which is a good thing, but far too many of them do.

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