Monday, June 03, 2013

WCSD Gossip

Not much chance of sexual misconduct at one of my old Nevada schools next year, as a female administrator from Incline High School, Stacey Cooper, has been moved to Sparks Middle School after the incumbent was reassigned to Sparks High School as part of a principal shakeup by current superintendent Pedro Martinez. Of course the outgoing principal didn't do anything wrong that I am aware of; it was HIS predecessor who got into trouble for sexual misconduct and was demoted.

He was the asshole who helped tank my career, and it warmed my little heart he got demoted though he should have been fired and had his license yanked.


“Although this news may seem devastating for some, I am actually excited to be selected to serve in a bilingual community and in a capacity that allows me to continue to serve children,” Cooper said. “The past three years have been met with fond memories. The most difficult aspect of this change will be leaving the staff, students and families of Incline Village.”

According to previous reports, Cooper, an Ohio native, was brought to Incline Village in 2010 after a national search to replace former IHS Principal John Clark and to become K-12 administrator for the three schools. At the same time the school district was preparing to implement the controversial International Baccalaureate program.

The IB endeavor eventually fell through, due to a combination of fierce resistance from a group of parents and the inability of residents to raise money through a nonprofit to fund needed teaching positions to launch the global-minded curriculum. Amid the controversy that leaked into 2011, the school district dropped the designation of Cooper as K-12 administrator.

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