Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bonnie and Clyde Economics

That's why all of the bullshit about how pensions are "unsustainable," even when they get a great return, as in Nevada PERS system.

It's about getting that goddamned money to steal for the rich.

One way they try to do this is create a hell of a lot of envy by those who don't have real pensions versus those who do. Of course, many government workers don't pay into Social Security, and many, like yours truly, get a pittance or about the same as they would get in SS.

The neolibs went after private pensions to loot them and force most private workers into scam 401(k)s. Now that the money is drying up there to loot, it's time to go after government pensions.

When those dry up, Social Security will be next.

After all, the Koch brothers, Peterson, and all of the rest just can't survive on their obscene wealth.

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