Monday, July 15, 2013

California Leads the Way

in telling fake Democrats Obama and Duncan to go to hell.

The rest of the states want the waivers, but RTTT is a thousand times worse than NCLB.

California is one of the last holdouts in the country; the administration has succeeded in persuading reluctant officials in Illinois and Texas to come aboard. State officials say they are resolved to stand firm, regardless of the consequences.

The obstinacy has frustrated the Education Department, where Secretary Arne Duncan and his top aides have been trying to create a uniform system that can be used to reward the best teachers and move the worst out of the profession. Now they see that drive stalling in the nation's most populous state. That has made for awkward politics; the administration is not accustomed to California aggressively throwing sand in the gears.

The fucker should resign, and so should his boss.

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