Saturday, July 27, 2013


Charter schools are parasites out to destroy the host, meaning public education. One way they do this is through "co-location," a fancy word that actually means eventual takeover.

Both the charter and the real public school exist in the same building, but it's obvious which is going to get the upper hand:

As Miles Elementary prepares for a co-location with a charter school this fall, Smith-Vincent and other teachers are worried. In a list of talking points titled, “Potential Negative Impact of Charter Co-Location,” they say that playground space is limited; that the custodial staff is currently insufficient for the current school population and that co-location would result in unclean bathrooms and unswept classrooms; that computer labs and library space is already full, and that Miles students will have reduced access to books and library staff; and that parent volunteers will no longer have full access to the school’s Parent Center.

“It undermines what we can and should be doing for traditional schools,” Smith-Vincent says of the scheduled co-location. “It takes resources away and prevents us from being able to meet all the needs of our students.”

The charter--private--school will eventually crowd the public school out.

Count on it.

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