Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Common Core is a Disaster

Not only is the reporter uninformed about the implication of the Bill Gates "Common Core" standards being shoved down the throats of American school districts, but so are the people directly affected by it.

I find it extremely hard to believe any principal or teacher who is informed about "Common Core" would support it. It's almost like they have to say they "support" it or else risk their jobs. "Common Core" is the death of American public education--it takes away local control from voters and school boards and puts it on the federal government, a government now in bed with the likes of Eli Broad and Bill Gates. CC, which is Bill Gates' baby, needs to be fought or there will be no public education left in 15 years. Schools will all be online "schools" with teacher aides monitoring the kids, computer software programs by Microsoft, and curriculum by Pearson. It's a total disaster for young people, who need personal interaction with teachers and peers as much or more than academics. Of course the rich like Bill Gates will still have their kids taught by real, qualified teachers in their hoity-toity private schools, but the rest of the population will have unqualified people merely watching the kids.

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