Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Despite the Fact They Are De Facto Private Schools

charter schools, with all of the advantages of private schools in being able to keep out the "riffraff," are no better than public schools, which have to take everybody. In other words, they are actually much WORSE.

From the PR blurb of a review examining the CREDO study which was less than it seemed despite all kinds of publicity about the so-called superiority of these scam schools:

The Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University announced in a June 25th press release that “charter school students now have greater learning gains in reading than their peers in traditional public schools.” This conclusion was repeated in newspapers across the nation. But there is much less to the CREDO study and to its claim than meets the eye, according to a new review.

The National Charter School Study 2013 examined charter schools in 27 states and New York City. Andrew Maul and Abby McClelland reviewed the study for the Think Twice think tank review project. The review is published today by the National Education Policy Center, housed at the University of Colorado Boulder School of Education.

You can read it here:

Ttr Credo2013 by National Education Policy Center

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