Sunday, July 07, 2013


Thanks to age discrimination and Washington policies that wiped out tens of millions of jobs in this country, older Americans are being saddled with student loan debt.

A few of these people also foolishly co-signed their kids' student loans, so when the kids default, their parents are on the hook.

However, I think most of them were like me, they retrained for a career in midlife only to find themselves without work of any kind or shitcanned as a result of blatant age discrimination.

Many jobless who are receiving UI are about to be screwed over again:

The 11.7 million Americans still unemployed are finding their wallets getting even lighter as the sequester federal spending cuts kick in.

While the mandated decreases have been slow to trickle into the real economy, the unemployed are feeling the first big jolt.

As of July 1, the average weekly benefit of $289 will fall by $43 a week, adding pressure at a time when the labor market is trying to find its bearings but has yet to generate the kind of employment that would indicate a strong recovery.

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