Monday, July 29, 2013


That's the only word for what is going on with the American economy. What is happening with Detroit is the most obvious instance of outright criminality so crooked politicians and their crooked backers can get at the money.

This is happening EVERYWHERE, and these parasites won't stop until they have drained every last available dollar from the public.

Obama goes around and gives interviews so he can brazenly lie about how he really, really cares about the suffering by the vanishing middle class and the burgeoning poor, yet he doesn't do shit to stop the criminality. That's because he is the crooks' puppet; he does whatever these puppetmasters want.

Even if one were to accept Obama’s professions of concern for the middle class as sincere—and we do not—there is nothing that his administration, or any Democratic or Republican administration, could do to seriously alleviate the present crisis. The current impasse is a product of the historical crisis of American capitalism, centered in the protracted decline in its global economic position.

The very policies adopted by the American ruling class to deal with this decline have eroded any possibility for a genuine program of social reform. For more than four decades, the ruling elite has been dismantling the country’s industrial infrastructure and shifting its investments to financial manipulation and speculation. The result has been a staggering growth of financial parasitism, embodied in the immense power wielded by Wall Street and the stock market over every aspect of economic, social and political life.

The increasing separation of the process of wealth creation for the ruling elite from the creation of real value has led to a rotting out of the economic foundations of the United States. Today, over 50 percent of US profits are generated by the financial sector.

No country can survive long without a solid manufacturing base. The seditious bastards who fostered globalism should be rounded up, jailed, and their assets seized.

It may eventually happen.

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