Monday, July 08, 2013

It's Pushout Rather Than "Burnout"

Don't expect the truth to ever be made public by the media as to what is really going on in schools.

Of course teaching is damned hard work, and nothing truly prepares you for how much unremitting pressure goes with the job but with very little financial reward.

Pushout is really what is going on in schools, and it has to do with saving money on salaries and benefits more than new teachers not being able to handle the work. The work IS onerous and getting worse by the year, but insane and/or incompetent administrators are what kills the job for people. If teachers try to hang in until the third year, they often will have it taken away so teachers never get vested in retirement.

For pushing out veteran teachers it's all about saving money on pension costs and salaries if they can be forced out before they hit thirty years in with their jobs (if they ever last that long anymore) and replace them with two teachers for the price of one.

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