Monday, July 01, 2013

King Midas in Reverse

Everything this superintendent touched turned to shit. It didn't matter where he was, he left left disaster in his wake.

Finally a judge had had enough and removed ol' Vallas from his current job. He wasn't qualified:

During his short time at the helm of Bridgeport's failing education system, Superintendent Paul Vallas was both hailed as savior and demonized as an arrogant, inflexible dictator.

Now school's out for summer -- and for Vallas.

In a decision expected to rock the city's education system, a Superior Court judge Friday ordered Vallas removed from his job.

"This could be disastrous for our education system," said Thomas Mulligan, a city Board of Education member and local lawyer. "If Superintendent Vallas is unable to continue serving, this will mean Bridgeport will have gone through four superintendents in a three-year period --John Ramos, Vallas, the interim superintendent who replaces Vallas and a permanent superintendent."

No interim superintendent had been picked as of Friday night.

Although the Board of Education voted Monday to elevate Vallas from acting to permanent status, Judge Barbara Bellis ruled that Vallas is not qualified under state law to serve as superintendent.

Some could ask why Pedro Martinez of Nevada's Washoe County School District isn't removed as superintendent. He is outrageously unqualified for the job.

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