Monday, July 22, 2013

No Whine Before Its Time

I had to post this thing separately. I personally don't give a shit about the travails of a bunch of rich drunks (oh, I know some of these people affected aren't all that rich and few affected lost some inventory), but it is illustrative on how we are supposed to feel sorry for people who engage in a frivolous hobby like wine collecting.

The comments following the article are more worth reading than the article.

A key paragraph:

Now, amid concern that century-old bottles have been spoiled or celebrated vintages rendered anonymous by lost labels, some of the city’s most prominent wine collectors — including Donald Drapkin, a hedge fund manager who estimated the value of his wine collection at $5.2 million — have sued WineCare, which is now in bankruptcy court.

If you got that much money to blow it in on a bunch of wine bottles, you should be paying your fair share of taxes.

I'd throw his frivolous lawsuit out.

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