Tuesday, July 23, 2013

North Carolina Wages War on Teachers

ALEC created the blueprint in the state destroying what few protections teachers have.

When states do away with “tenure,” which should NOT be called that anyway, but still allow other civil service employees due process rights, teachers should be SUING the state legislatures for engaging in disparate treatment of a class of employees–teachers.

I would add I believe teachers don’t sue because they actually believe they have “tenure,” which they have never had, no matter what civil service protections are called. They thinthey have what amounts of “lifetime employment,” but they have never had that.

Civil service protections were put in federal, state, and local levels to prevent patronage hires and favoritism in treatment of employees. Not that it’s perfect, as we all know with rampant nepotism in hiring in many school districts, but it is there. A government job, including a public school teaching job, is considered a property right, and that right cannot be taken away without “due process.” It’s not the same as private sector work since the government is the employer.

We still have police, fire personnel, and other civil service employees who have “due process” rights, yet teachers are treated differently. Teachers shouldn’t even have an extended probationary period to begin with if other civil service employees don’t have it. This is clearly illegal in my book.

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