Thursday, July 11, 2013


Actress Katherine Woodville, 74, died about a month ago, but there hasn't been a whole lot out there regarding her death.

She acted quite a bit but quit to move to Oregon to raise and train horses.

Singer Lewis Lymon, brother of Frankie, died Monday of prostate cancer:

Lewis Lymon was born in Harlem to a truck driver father and a mother who worked as a maid. Lymon’s mother and father, Howard and Jeanette Lymon, also sang in a gospel group known as the Harlemaires; Frankie Lymon and his brothers Lewis and Howie sang with the Harlemaire Juniors (a fourth Lymon brother, Timmy, was a singer, though not with the Harlemaire Juniors). The Lymon family struggled to make ends meet, and Lymon began working as a grocery boy at age ten. While going to school at Edward Stitt Junior School in Washington Heights. By 1960 they had disbanded.

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