Thursday, July 25, 2013

O.J. News

No matter how hard he tries, O.J. Simpson will NEVER get out of jail--except in a pine box.

He expressed regret today at the hearing that he ever got caught committing armed robbery, not realizing Nevada doesn't put up with shit in its hotels/casinos.

For that stupidity and hubris, he received a 33-year sentence.


Parole officials did not immediately rule on his request, which Simpson made remotely from a video conference room the Lovelock Correction Center. But their decision will have little impact on his overall sentence because he is only eligible for parole on one of his consecutive sentences.

As a result, even if the Nevada Parole Board ruled in his favor, he would then begin serving sentences attached to other charges and spend at least another four years in prison.

In other words, he is shit out of luck seeing freedom for at least another four years, if he doesn't die of his rumored diabetes first.

Below is a video clip. Make sure you have a hankie handy:

The complete version is here, but no embedding is allowed.

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