Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Teachers' "Union" Moles

They have now infiltrated both major teachers' unions in the country, AFT and NEA.

None of the rank-and-file will do one goddamned thing about stopping the neoliberal destruction of public education and thus democracy in this country.

I don't give a fuck if a "Democrat" is in the White House--we KNOW that man is a fraud, to say nothing of the moron in charge of the Department of Education.

Why is Bill Gates calling the shots anyway with his nutball "Common Core Standards"?

If NEA's people are willing to trade the holy grail of unionism in this country, collective bargaining, for some utterly stupid national standards that violate local control of public education and CAN'T work given the size and the diversity of the United States, why in the fuck have unions?

Of course Gates and other gangsters don't WANT unions at all.

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