Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Faces of Evil

This long piece doesn't actually say anything people who have looked into the Kochs don't already know. Their crackpot influence is EVERYWHERE, and I would argue since the two are batshit crazy and are among those who own the Libertarian and Republican parties, they have also influenced the Democratic Party as well.

These parasites, and that is what they are, are killing the American body politic with their insane political beliefs. They literally don't want to pay for anything at all but want even more for themselves. They are desciples of Ayn Rand's weird ideas which she formulated as a result of her having had some kind of developmental disorder (believed to be Asperger or something similar). These jerkwads are "worth" upwards of 50 billion EACH. They got it through inheritance, through outright theft of wages and salaries of employees, and through bribing politicians.

The most shocking part of the article, though, is mention of the fact there are now some 1,400 billionaires worldwide. This class of superrich exists as a direct result of economic policies designed to decimate and destroy working and middle class people and through outright theft against the people who actually create the wealth, the workers, by gutting their wages and salaries.

I can remember a mere 40 years ago there were only three or four billionaires in the entire WORLD. Forty years ago, you could actually name all of the billionaires in the world because there were so few of them. Let's see, there was H.L. Hunt, J. Paul Getty, (possibly) Howard Hughes, and Ross Perot. That was it. Even taking inflation into account, one cannot deny the rise of a parasitical class in the world whose numbers have greatly increased. It coincides with the rise of neoliberal, Friedmanite policies designed to destroy the working and middle class to create a parasitical class of superrich.

Anybody who thinks there isn't a class war by the few against everybody else hasn't been paying attention.

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