Friday, July 19, 2013

Those Not-So-Pearly Gates

If Bill and Melinda Gates and their "foundation" aren't evil, I don't know who or what is.

Their cancer is infiltrating higher education.

All they see is education is for job training, not for making people well-rounded, informed citizens.

It is a recipe for disaster.

The goal really is to limit higher education access.

The roots of the Gates foundation's higher-education reform effort go back to 2006, when a $31-billion pledge from Warren Buffett doubled the size of the foundation and allowed it to expand its programs. The foundation hired Hilary Pennington, who had co-founded Jobs for the Future, to identify the most effective lever for increasing social mobility. She was struck by research that showed two things: (1) the upward mobility of children is affected by their parents' level of education; and (2) if a poor person fails to get a college degree by his mid-20s, his chance of ever getting one plummets.

Gates came up with a strategy to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty by doubling the number of low-income students who earn degrees or credentials with labor-market value by the age of 26. Ms. Pennington would lead it. Success would require an annual increase of some 250,000 graduates.

Anthony P. Carnevale, a Georgetown University scholar whose research on the work force has informed the foundation, says education posed one major advantage over other ways to fight poverty, such as strengthening the social safety net: Increasing college completion was politically feasible.

The son of a bitch should be forced to channel that money back into the U.S. Treasury to help get this country back on track economically.

I want billionaires to stay the FUCK OUT of policy making.

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