Monday, July 22, 2013

Time for a Lawsuit

It doesn't matter what state teachers live in: If they have "tenure," it only means they have identical "due process" protections all other public employees get. It stems from the concept of a public job being a property right, and the government cannot deny you your right to property without due process.

Teachers who have had their due process rights stripped need to sue all over the country because there is clearly disparate treatment between teachers and other civil service employees, such as police and fire.

You bet your ass these assholes in the legislatures won't go after police and fire, male-dominated professions, and take away their rights although Snyder in Michigan is trying to gut pensions in Detroit. One could even argue this is wholesale sex discrimination writ large.

Not even Pinochet in Chile was that goddamned stupid as to go after the military, which is the closest thing there is to police.

I have heard the teachers' association in North Carolina plans to sue over the "tenure" abolition.

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