Tuesday, August 06, 2013

A Lousy Superintendent Runs Roughshod Over Dallas

Teachers are fleeing, and this great "leader" is being investigated for corruption.

Of course this guy has Eli Broad connections.

Many teachers have had it, and more than a few risk being blackballed throughout the state of Texas because they supposedly didn't give adequate notice.

Breaching a contract is a major sin in education even if these teachers are justified in doing it.

Snip from the first link:

Honea has held the position that Superintendent Mike Miles has created a hostile work environment for teachers. “It seems like amid the chaos and turnover at the top level of the district, there’s really a lack of leadership,” she said. “I think it’s very sad that the district has taken this stand with the employees that have endured disrespect, fear and intimidation all year long… yet they continued to educate their students as much as they were able and allowed to do so.”

Dallas school district officials said nearly 1,000 teachers submitted their resignations in June and – this month – there have been more than 300 resignations.

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