Wednesday, August 07, 2013

American Workers Are Screwed

My dad would have been 106 years old today. When he started working as a young man, he made a dollar a day. If he were alive now, he'd see how we are reverting to those times before there were protections put in place for workers as a result of the Great Depression.

Congress and the various presidents are directly responsible for this current mess of dismantling the progress of the last century. They gave a tiny elite more tax breaks and more loopholes to exploit and made everybody else pay through the nose for it. It's been called "reverse Robin Hood."

Our D.C. politicians of both political parties have proven there isn't a two-party system anymore but one party in service to the parasitical class running things.

The result: America is looking increasingly like the third world with its proliferation of low-wage jobs:

Over the past four months, the US economy has added 791,000 new part-time jobs, but only 187,000 full-time jobs. This is despite the fact that part-time work makes up less than 20 percent of all existing employment in the US.

Sixty-one percent of the jobs created so far this year have been in low-paying industries, even though employment in these sectors constitutes less than 40 percent of total jobs in the US, according to an analysis by Moody’s Analytics. The fastest job growth has been in retail sales, food preparation, freight and warehouse work, wait staff, and home health care—positions that pay less than $12 an hour.

Part-time work will be the new standard, especially when Obamacare becomes the law of the land.

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