Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another Day, Another Hack

No matter what, Nevada teachers are going to be screwed big time. A new hack has been appointed as state education superintendent to replace the hack who previously held the job before he upped and left.

This Dale Erquiaga is completely unqualified for the job, but being qualified isn't what Governor Sandoval wants. He wants a yes man in the role:

“It’s a tough one,” said Melcher about the need of a superintendent to have classroom experience. “We are moving out of the traditional norm that people are used to. I know when we were hiring a new president at Great Basin College, the faculty was adamant: ‘Boy, they better have some classroom instructional experience.’

“Then there were people on the other side who said, ‘Well, how important is that?’” Melcher said. “(They said,) ‘We need a leader to lead this institution.’ That is a fair debate that will continue for years to come.”

This is why "reformers" are fucking up the education system--they don't know any goddamned thing about education, teaching, or learning, but they are motivated solely by ideology.

Oh, and greed for themselves and their backers.

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