Monday, August 05, 2013

Another Person Who Has Way Too Much Money and Too Much Time on Her Hands

DeVos = Amway = pyramid scheme

These nitwits like DeVos actually think they are better than everybody else, and that is why they are rich.

They aren’t: They just know how to game the system with their lawyers, their accountants, their lobbyists, and their corrupt little politicians.

These scammers, which is what these public education-hating filthy rich are, need to have "their" fortunes taxed at a 90-percent rate ala the Eisenhower era. That in turn would help stabilize the economy again and return prosperity for the masses because the money would be reinvested back into the economy.

The current setup with the grotesque concentration of wealth is ruinous for the country. These people like the DeVoses create nothing but chaos with their phony tax-exempt foundations that are actually lobbying arms. They blather on and on about things they know nothing about and have nothing but contempt for the "riffraff" of the 99.9 percent of people.

The whole corrupt mess needs to be reversed or we won't have a country left.

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