Friday, August 16, 2013


Whatever happened to the neighborhood school, which brought together children, parents, and other citizens together to work toward a common goal? Why is that considered anathema these days?

When I read bullshit like this article, it is taking me back to a time to pre-Brown v. Board of Education. You don't have a neighborhood school for all students; instead, you have segregated schools or "academies."

“There’s an ongoing debate across the country on kindergarten through middle school models,” said Paul LaMarca, the school performance officer for Washoe County School District.

“The program at Mount Rose is unique because of its language academy,” he said. “We saw these students fitting in vertically with some of our high schools like the World Language Program at McQueen High School.”

What in the HELL is with this "academy" garbage? The term "academy" has been used in the South, for example, for their all-white private schools set up in response to integration. The school is Mount Rose Elementary School, period. Are we just going to sit back and allow the balkanization of neighborhood schools, which are supposed to bring communities together and cater to ALL students? This is private school-sounding nonsense in preparation for the dismantling of WCSD into networks of lousy charter schools. These kind of articles are appalling because this is about destroying public education for eventual private takeover. It doesn't work because education is not a for-profit endeavor; it is a public good. This "academy" crap is a way to get around the law which I believe is still in effect in Nevada which bars turning public schools into charters. What do you expect, people, when your district's board continues to hire Broad Superintendent Academy people?

Remember the other district Martinez went to apply, Philadelphia Public Schools? They're being dismantled as I write this. I strongly suspect Martinez has the same outlook for WCSD as William Hite has for Philadelphia.

Speaking of WCSD, they haven't updated the executive cabinet page, but both of those TBA positions have been filled. One was filled internally while the other was filled by somebody from another Nevada agency.

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