Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cory for President?

I hope to hell NOT, but I will bet this is going to be the narrative we are going to be stuck with for 2016.

Hillary Clinton, already way long in the tooth, will be pushed as a historic candidate, but Booker, an outright fraud, will be the darling of the media, the same media that pushed another fraud, Obama, for the presidency in 2008. Like Obama, Booker will get NO serious vetting even as his far right/Wall Street connections are well known.

Glen Ford knows all about "Cory":

Once he steps into the U.S. Senate, to serve out the remainder of the late Frank Lautenberg’s term, Booker will immediately start running for president, staking out a position to the right of the current occupant and of Obama’s likely successor, Hillary Clinton. In the last presidential race, Booker infuriated the Obama camp by coming to the defense of Bain Capital, the Wall Street investment firm where Mitt Romney made his fortune. Booker said it was “nauseating” to see all those good people in high finance held up to scorn in an election campaign.

“The filthy rich have cultivated a true-blue believer in Cory Booker.”

Nobody can say that Cory Booker doesn’t take care of his friends in the 1%. They certainly take care of him. They have bankrolled all of his electoral efforts, most recently allowing Booker to spend almost three times as much as his top Democratic senatorial opponents, combined. Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerman’s $100 million gift to the Newark Public Schools made Booker look like an urban miracle worker – although the transaction was actually more like Booker presenting the schools as a gift to Zuckerman and his privatizing friends. Other Silicon Valley fat cats set Booker up as head of a start-up Internet company that made Booker a millionaire, at least on paper. Now that Booker is going to Washington, the start-up is going down the tubes. But, there are plenty more self-serving deals to be made on Capitol Hill.

He's a blight on American politics, and the real-life Manchurian (not that Obama wasn't one).

Like I said, if this man is anywhere on the presidential ticket in my lifetime, I am THROUGH with the Democratic Party.

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